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    Contact Us

    Rally of the Tall Pines Official Address

    P. O. Box 727
    Downsview, Ontario
    M3M 3A9
    Phone: 905-851-6983
    Fax: 905-851-3632

    Tall Pines Contact Information

    Contact (click to email) Role(s) Phone Number
    Ian Wright Coordinator 416-606-5141
    Mike Koch Assistant Coordinator 613-224-7184
    Donna Castledine Chief Control Marshal 905-851-6983
    Alan Ockwell Spectator Guide  
    Ross Wood Clerk of the Course

    705-887-1130 or 647-224-1492

    Larry Flint Registrar 905-838-2874
    Alan Ryall VIP Program Coordinator


    Bruce Leonard Treasurer  
    Adam Prime Webmaster  
    Donna Castledine Route Master 905-851-6983
      Chief Safety Officer  
    Jean-Georges Marcotte Chief Scorer  
    Anthony Tremblay Graphics Designer  
    Bob Boland & Team Sweep Team  
    Mat Janiak Event Photographer  
    Trish Groom Accommodations Coordinator  
    Greg McGrath Volunteer Registration & Recruitment  

    Please note that the Accommodations Coordinator can only help REGISTERED WORKERS locate available accommodations in the Bancroft area. Competitor, Media and spectator accommodation inquiries should be directed to the Bancroft Chamber of Commerce at (613)332-1513.