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Tall Pines Volunteer Notice Board

We Need You!

Whether you registered as a Volunteer previously or are a first-time registrant, click on the  ‘Register’ tab and follow the cues from there to either update your profile or to create a new profile.  If that doesn’t work, use ‘Volunteer Registration’. Note – be sure to answer at the top ‘Yes’ to “I am registering as a volunteer for the Rally of the Tall Pines 2017.”  If you are stuck, email the registration team at  for assistance.  When you have completed your registration or update, click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page. We need all of you, including the committee, stewards etc. to register, as we work extensively with the database to make plans. Note – our volunteer needs on Thursday are very specific and mostly require experienced help. Contact us directly about Thursday tasks.


Tall Pines Volunteer Notice November 16, 2018


We are just a week away from the 2018 Lincoln Electric Rally of the Tall Pines.  At this point have 216 volunteers signed up and we can just get by if everyone shows up. However we really could use a few more HAM radio operators - could still use about another 3 radio operators for mid-stage Traffic Control positions. Also need a couple of people to conduct surveys.

We have just posted your Worker Assignments on the Tall Pines website, but in the interest of protecting your privacy as it contains all your full names, for the Worker assignments list, we have created a hidden link at you have any difficulty accessing the link above, contact us directly at and we will assist you. Please do NOT pass this link on to others.

The Meeting Times & Locations for volunteer teams is attached

If you find any problems with your assignments, get back to us ASAP. Note – preparing the assignments is a very complex task. A change for one volunteer almost always has a domino effect, so unless there is a real problem with your assignments, we would appreciate if you would accept them as they are. We really did try to accommodate all your requests, as best we could.



As you will see when you check the Assignments list, Saturday’s are pretty much completed and Friday’s are well underway. If you see a blank, TBA or “see dispatcher” by your name for Friday, rest assured that we  need you, but that is still a work in progress. In fact we have found that it is best to leave some unspecified until you arrive to give us a bit more flexibility in covering off our needs. When you arrive on Thursday or Friday, first see Carole Koch to get registered, then if you need clarification re your duties, see our Volunteer Dispatcher, Jacek Gielas.

All Thursday volunteers will receive instructions directly from me by email early next week.


As for the Subsidized Worker Accommodations , Limerick Lake Lodge is full, as are Elmer’s and most of the cottages, but there are a few spots left in a couple of the cottages. If you need a place to stay, contact Jane at or Ross at

Note – for those of you who had difficulty paying online, you can also do it by an e transfer to 


We can still handle a few more participants in the e timing refresher/training session. It will be held on Friday evening at 7 PM before the General Worker meeting. Contact Ross if interested and I will send you details.


Arrangements have been completed with a caterer to have food and drink available at Rally HQ on Friday from before noon – 8:00 PM and on Saturday from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. We will try to have more details in the next Worker Notice week. In addition Tim Hortons will be serving drinks only outside by the podium on Friday evening.


The roads are in great shape and all snow-covered as of last night, but at this point I wouldn’t want to predict if they will be snow-covered, part gravel or what next weekend. Early next week we should know better. Nevertheless we highly recommend that you have your winter tires on.

For those of you who will be working controls, be sure to bring suitable clothing, food & drink and a flashlight or headlamp and spare batteries.

For the HAM radio operators, the main frequency for the weekend will be 147.285+ with a tone of 118.8. The other repeater frequencies are 146.610- with a tone of 100.0, and 147.000 (no tone). Simplex frequencies are 146.520, 146.550 and 146.580. Be sure to have them all programmed in your radio.


Of course all registered volunteers will receive a Tee shirt, but we will also have hoodies ($40) and new this year Tall Pines bags ($10 – limited quantity) for sale.


A majority of the Volunteer Documents have now been posted on the Pines website at  Go to Volunteers, Volunteer Info Centre and then to the various sub menus. Please take the time before next weekend to go over these documents carefully. You must have logged in to have access.


Things are shaping up really well for next weekend. The Start Order is posted in the Competitor section of the Tall Pines website at  Really hot competition is shaping up. 


Check it out – the full Spectator Guide is online.


Remember that the general Worker Meeting will be held at 9 PM on Friday, November 23 at Rally HQ in the Dungannon Rec Centre.   For those of you coming for the first time, Rally HQ is located on the E side of Hwy 62 S about 7 km S of Bancroft (street address is 26596 Hwy 62 S, L’Amable, ON – coordinates N45 00.873 W077 47.164 phone 613-332-1325).  If you have to register, try to be there no later than 8:30.


There will likely be one final Volunteer Notice next Tuesday or Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing you all in Bancroft.

Ross Wood, Clerk of the Course


FIVE more documents have now been posted to the Volunteer Documents section. These may be the last set of documents from me, and they contain important information about the meeting places for your assignments. Please check them out, download or print as needed. Hard copies will be provided at the event. See you in Bancroft!

Donna Castledine – Chief Control Marshal


Several new documents have now been posted in the Volunteer Documents section. Please check these out and download to your mobile devices for use at the rally. Hard copies will also be provided in your Worker Kits, at the rally. Please be familiar with what is in these documents before the rally. We look forward to seeing you in Bancroft!

Chief Control Marshal – Donna Castledine


Volunteer registrations have been coming in steadily, but slower than usual. We are now at 118, about 15 less than at this time most years. We need about 35 more for Friday, Nov. 23 and 115 more for rally day, Saturday, Nov. 24th, so if you have been procrastinating, please sign up ASAP. If you registered, but did not receive a confirmation email, it likely means that your registration did not go through, so please try again. If you have any problem doing that or have any questions about anything, contact the Worker Registration team at and one of us will get back to you.

BTW how about convincing some others to come with you?

In particular we are still in need of help with HAM radio communications, stage timing marshals, traffic control marshals (blockers), crowd control marshals and media marshals. We also need two more t.v. crew banner assistants.

Note – we can accommodate those of you who can only help out for part of the day on November 24th.

So to recap - to register as a worker for this year’s event, click the ‘VOLUNTEERS’ tab then to ‘Register’ and follow the cues from there.

Subsidized Volunteer Accommodations

Have you booked your room yet? We can only hold those rooms for so long, then will have to let them go. The online subsidized accommodations registration process is now active. Remember – you must stay at one of the approved locations to receive a subsidy. Note – you must have logged into the website to see the full menu. Note 2 – Limerick Lake Lodge is full, but there are spaces at Elmer’s Hunt Camp and in cottages.

If you have any questions or if you wish to register for a spot in a cottage, Jane Leonard, our Volunteer Accommodations Coordinator, is waiting to assist you. You can contact her at

Payment for subsidized accommodations is by Paypal. But if you want to pay by credit card, just go to the bottom of the payment screen and pick the credit card you want to use. Second note – before payment will go through, you must click on the box agreeing to Paypal’s terms. This does NOT mean you have to create a Paypal account

Electronic Timing Training Meeting

We will be running another training/refresher meeting for electronic timing equipment operators. If you interested, send me an email ASAP. It will be run on Friday evening at 7 PM before the general Volunteer Meeting.

Volunteer Information Posted - Oct. 28, 2018

We are posting much more of the volunteer information in advance again this year,so that you can access it before the rally and read it through carefully. In fact the entire revised Worker Handbook is now online. We urge you to read it completely. To access it, go to , log in, then follow the tabs to Workers, Volunteer Info Centre, Volunteer Documents and then Worker Handbook.

About one week before the rally, we will be posting all the volunteer assignments.

Draw for a HAM Radio

Tyler Letofsky is very generously donating a HAM radio to one of the Tall Pines volunteers. If you wish to be included in that draw you must be a registered volunteer and must reply to and Greg will add you to the list.

Volunteer Meeting

The official VOLUNTEERS’ MEETING will be held at Rally HQ at the Dungannon Recreation Centre at the 9 P.M. on Friday evening.

Other Tall Pines News

Check out the Entry List as it grows - under Compete then Entry List plus find many other details on the Tall Pines website at .

Other Questions or Special Requests Feel free to contact me at Please excuse cross-postings of this message as it is being posted to multiple lists.

Ross Wood, Clerk of the Course


If you are trying to reset your password please check your spam folder for the reset email.



Please be sure to mark the November 23-25 weekend on your calendar. That is the weekend for the 2018 Rally of the Tall Pines. The Tall Pines committee has been hard at work and it’s time to get the volunteers signed up.


As the  Pines keeps growing and adding exciting new features, our needs for volunteers are greater than ever. So please pass this message on to others.


Check out the Pines website at for details.


While on the website, if you have not already registered for 2018, please go to the worker section and register. We have tried to keep the process very straightforward for you. So whether you registered as a worker previously or are a first-time registrant, go to the Worker tab on the website, then click on ‘Register’ and follow the cues from there to either update your profile or to create a new profile.  If that doesn’t work, use ‘Worker Registration’. Note – be sure to answer at the top ‘Yes’ to “I am registering as a worker for the Rally of the Tall Pines 2018.”  If you are stuck, email the registration team at  for assistance.  When you have completed your registration or update, click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page. We need all of you, including the committee, stewards etc. to register, as we work extensively with the database to make plans. Note – our volunteer needs on Thursday are very specific and mostly require experienced help. Contact us directly about Thursday tasks.


As in the past, we are assisting volunteers with subsidized accommodations. See ‘Accommodations’ in the Worker section for full details and for online payment. Subsidized accommodations will be provided once again at Elmer’s Hunt Camp, at Limerick Lake Lodge and at some cottages. If you stay two nights, you pay for the first night and the rally pays for the second. Anyone staying three nights should first check with Ross re subsidy. To assist workers in the Registration process and in finding accommodations at the Pines we have Jane Leonard waiting to assist you re accommodations and Greg McGrath re other Registration questions. If you have questions, one of us will be sure to reply. You can contact Jane directly at  or Greg at, In addition, there are many other volunteer perks including free Tall Pines merchandise and a free post-rally dinner.


With a super compact Route Plan and Schedule, we are able to squeeze two passes of recce for all stages into Friday, so we will need helpers to supervise that all day. Meanwhile, we will be doing the usual final route preparation, so we will need just a few helpers on Thursday and lots of helpers on Friday.  In addition, Shakedown is scheduled on Friday evening. The rally runs all day Saturday as usual, finishing with the Rally Banquet on Saturday evening, at the Bancroft Fish & Game Club.


Rally Headquarters will be at the Dungannon Rec Centre on Hwy. 62 south.  Almost all activities except the Banquet will take place there. Note also that Technical Inspection of the competitors’ cars will take place at M & M Parts & Service (the big building behind M & M ESSO on Hwy 62 S) on Friday afternoon and evening.  The official VOLUNTEERS’ MEETING will be held at Rally HQ at 9 P.M. on Friday evening.


We also need lots of help on the WORK DAY on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th.  Please advise if you can attend then by emailing Ross Wood directly at  Anyone who assists on the Work Day will receive a $10 subsidy on the RallyCross on Sunday. Note – competitors are invited to assist on the Work Day.  This not only offers them an opportunity to contribute to the event but also affords a chance to preview the stages.


Note – we will again be using the RallySport Ontario electronic timing equipment. If you already have experience with the equipment and would like to work with it at the Pines, be sure to indicate specifically what you would like to do on your Registration form.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or Greg or Jane.




Ross Wood, Clerk of the Course  


Greg McGrath & Jane Leonard, Assistants for Volunteer Registration & Recruitment