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2013 Road Conditions

From Ross Wood, Clerk of the Course.

November 22nd with exactly a week to go until the Tall Pines, I spent the day in Bancroft doing a bunch of errands and checked all the stage roads. In general the roads are in great shape. Mid-day it started raining and never stopped, so by later in the day, the roads were very wet and there were a lot of puddles. There was a severe wind storm about a week ago that blew a lot of trees down across the roads. People have cut the trees away enough to allow passage, but we plan to totally remove all the debris when I have volunteers to help on Thursday and Friday.

At the moment the roads are not frozen, but the cold front is arriving today and is predicted to stay through until rally day. If the forecast is correct, we should have totally frozen roads. There may also be some snow. But with the Pines you never really know until you wake up Saturday AM what the conditions will be like.

I did not drive the stages in the order of the competition schedule, but I did go through all of them. I forgot to take pictures until I was part way through the morning. Upper Old Hastings and Iron Bridge stages are in great shape.

There are 11 photos. Many are in Egan Creek, because the nature of the roads and conditions change most in that stage of all the stages.

This first photo is in the Egan Creek stage at TC29.

Also in the Egan stage on Birch Lake Trail. I predict that this water will
still be there, so it should be ice or broken ice.

Egan stage - typical section of Mayo Lake Rd.

Egan stage - the famous long stone crossing on Qwirk Rd (aka
Arda Trail) Rd near TC31. It seems that the beaver were trapped here last
winter and this crossing has remained dry since the summer - should be dry
next week as well. We have filled in a lot of stone, but there are still a
couple of dips.

Egan stage - also on Qwirk Rd This flooding has been here for several months
- maybe the beaver from the pond at TC31 just moved over here. Expect this
water to still be there.

Egan stage - also on Qwirk Rd - a more typical shot of this road.

Egan stage - near the beginning of the stage on the main road.
This is typical of the entire main Rd aka on the map as Limerick Trail or
Spruce Lake Trail

Middle Old Hastings stage near the South end.

also Middle Old Hastings - one of the many places where you will
get air.

also on Middle Old Hastings - typical section of the road

Upper Old Hastings - near the start. As you can see it was very
wet by this time and I was running out of light (shortly before 5 PM).