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Green Initiative

Tall Pines goes GREEN!

In 2007, the organizers of the Rally of the Tall Pines started the first Green Initiative Program for a National Rally in Canada. This program continued in 2008 and also continues for 2009. A portion of the entry fee paid by the Competitors of the event will go towards a donation to the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council who manage a tree and shrub planting program. This donation will buy more than a thousand Pine Trees which will be planted in the Bancroft area!!

In addition, everyone affiliated with the rally will be making a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle over the course of the weekend. This effort will be aided by the Town of Bancroft who will provide recycling bins for use by the rally.

We encourage all those associated with the sport of rallying, including competitors, fans, sponsors and volunteer workers, to join us in our Green effort!

Letter from Stewardship Council