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Rally of the Tall Pines, Bancroft ON

Earth Shredding Entertainment! Thanks for visiting the Rally of the Tall Pines website!

Just imagine if you took a small car, gave it four-wheel-drive, turbocharged it to over 300 horsepower, and then drove it flat-out sideways down twisty treacherous forest roads – lined with trees, rocks and rows of cheering fans. Kicking up dirt or snow, spitting flames. Sliding on the edge of control, and sometimes over it! This is rally racing at the Rally of the Tall Pines and it is taking the world by storm.

The Rally of the Tall Pines (29-30 Nov. 2013) is dedicated to bringing you even more explosive competition this year! You won't want to miss round six of the Canadian Rally Championship this coming November. Being just over 2 hours from Toronto, this event is your best opportunity to see and experience what the extreme sport of Performance Rally Racing is all about.


Thanks for your assistance in making the 2013 Rally of the Tall Pines another great success. Moving the event a week later achieved exactly what we were hoping – back to the old-style Tall Pines with winter conditions. The cold snap in the days leading up to the event froze the roads solid; in fact it was really difficult in places to pound the stakes into the ground, even using the steel ‘podger’ to create the hole. With a snowfall a couple of days ahead, we were back to the Pines well-known moniker of ‘Winter Roads, Summer Ditches,’ Judging by the significant attrition, it caught many of the competitors  off-guard.

The teamwork of the workers was amazing. We were never more than 8 minutes behind schedule all day. It was especially commendable considering the unusually high number of worker withdrawals in the two days before the event.

On Thursday and Friday over 100 helped with event preparation, competitor recce and Shakedown. Saturday saw around 190.

Thanks especially to the 18 people who helped clean up on Sunday.


RESULTS are available at



We have a GoPro camera which was handed in to us at Rally HQ and a "booster pack" which was left at one of the camps. To reclaim them, contact

A co-driver lost their cell phone at Rally HQ - If you found one, please contact


TALL PINES IOS APP There is now an iOS App for apple users available via the AppStore.

TALL PINES ANDROID APP We now have an App for the Tall Pines Rally which has been created for android phones. This is a new development for us created by Matt Barnes. Hopefully it will prove to be a useful tool for competitors and spectators and we can expand the facility for next year.  The App is available through Google Play