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Supplementary Regulations

COMPETITORS - please note that we have reposted the Supp Regs on October 4. Due to the severe weather that Bancroft recently experienced, we have had to make some changes to the planned route. These changes impact the distances shown in paragraphs 7 and 18 of the supp regs posted on October 1.

The overall distance of the National Route shown in para 7 has been changed from 474 kms to 462 kms. The stage distance for the National has been changed from 186 kms to 175 kms with one additional kilometer of transit. The Regional and ECRC route has been changed from 345 kms to 333 kms and the stage distance has been changed from 132 kms to 120 kms.

The maximum distance between refueling stops in para 18 has been changed from 119 kms to 112 kms.


BULLETIN #1 - Oct. 31.

Para 2 - Organising Committee. Stewards: Jim Stevens will be replacing Jim Morrow as Steward

Para 6 - Schedule 0645 - Reconnaissance Drivers Meeting. This meeting will now be at 0615 hrs.

Para 9 - Entries, Closing Date and Start Order. The location of the Maple Leaf Rally Club meeting on Nov 6 has been changed. The new location is Kelseys Original Roadhouse, 45 Chisholm Dr, Milton, ON. The time stays at 2000 hrs as shown.


Competitors who wish to receive a printed copy of this year's Supp Regs by mail, may request them by sending an email with your mailing address to the Registrar.

The Supp Regs have been posted in Adobe PDF format. To obtain the Adobe PDF Reader to view the Supp Regs, please click the link below:

(LAST UPDATED: 10 Oct 2018)


Document Size Last Updated
2018 Supplementary Regulations - English (PDF) 1.5 MB 2018/10/04
2018 Supplementary Regulations - French (PDF) 1.8 MB 2018/10/10

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