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VIP Program

Do you want to learn more about Performance Rally?  Have you wondered how to get started as a driver or co-driver? Do you want to know more about what goes on in the cars, before, during and after a rally?

Are you a competitor who wants to thank sponsors? Or have family members spectate without you worrying about them?

The Tall Pines VIP program is what you need.  A complete day, meals included, hosted by an   experienced co-driver and driver.  You will have private access via heated motor coach to VIP specific viewing locations unavailable to regular spectators.

Your VIP Hosts will be Alan Ockwell and Alan Ryall.

Alan Ockwell is a 4 time Canadian Champion Co-driver (2008, 2009, 2014, 2015) and 4 time winning co-driver at the Tall Pines (2008, 2019, 2012 & 2014).

Alan Ryall has been a successful rally driver for many years, including many years completing at    Tall Pines, starting in 1978.  In 2012 and 2014, he was Production 4wd Ontario Champion; as well as 3rd overall in the Ontario Championship in 2014.

As a VIP you will have special VIP parking at rally headquarters, special gift package, lunch and catered VIP only dinner.  In addition, if you wish, you can be entered in a draw to have a ride in a rally car on the Friday evening Shake-down stage.

The final VIP schedule route and timing is dependent on the expected weather, final rally route and number of entries. At this time we expect to be at 5 different locations, as well as a stop at a top team service area.

We have kept the cost to the same as last year at $150.00 per person

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“I have found the VIP program a great way to watch the Tall Pines. It  manages the entire day for me while I just get to be a spectator. Each year the program is a little different which adds some variety. I keep coming back because the transportation and food are well organized and I get to see a mix of great rally spectating locations.”

 Doug Green, past VIP and rally competitor