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Do you want to learn more about Performance Rally? Have you wondered how to get started as a driver or co-driver? Do you want to know more about what goes on in the cars, before, during and after a rally?

 Are you a competitor who wants to thank sponsors? Or have family members spectate without you worrying about them?

 The Tall Pines VIP program is what you need. A complete day, lunch and dinner included, hosted by experienced rally team members. You will have private access via heated motor coach to VIP specific viewing locations unavailable to regular spectators.

 As a VIP you will have special VIP parking at rally headquarters, special gift package, lunch and catered VIP only dinner. In addition, if you wish, you can be entered in a draw to have a ride in a rally car on the Friday evening Shake-down stage (minimum age 16).

 Your 2019 hosts will be Alan Ryall, Chris Haid and Dan Breznicar – all with many years’ experience at Tall Pines; along with another experienced person.  The final VIP schedule route and timing is always dependent on the expected weather, final rally route and number of entries. In 2018 we were at 5 different locations, and had a visit to the service area during an active service break!!  If you’ve been with us before, you’ll be pleased to know we introduced a new location in 2018, and continue to look for new locations.

 The cost is only $199, tax included.

 In 2018 we had 18 returning VIPs!!  Must be doing something right!

 Typical comments from past VIPs:

-          “best thing is getting shuttled to all the spots and learning more about rally.  Great hosts who were very happy to share their knowledge”

-          “great viewing locations”

-          “got what I expected, and then some”

-          “a catered and guided day, preferred parking and spectating areas” 


Important Additional Information: 

-           We will draw for the Shakedown Ride on Monday November 18th to have time to advise the winner.

-      For safety and space reasons, we cannot accommodate animals or bringing your own vehicle.

-      Drones are not allowed anywhere near the rally route.

-      No drugs or alcohol.

-      Smokers are requested to smoke outside VIP viewing areas, and if outside the area in a way the smoke does not blow into the VIP area.

  Sample Agenda from a prior year:

 Rally of the Tall Pines VIP Schedule

Friday, November xx  & Saturday, November xx






VIP Registration - Located inside Rally Headquarters

Dungannon Rec. Centre Rally HQ

A VIP Parking area is provided, please show your parking pass and follow Marshal's directions.

Register and pick up your VIP Package then go out to view the teams as they prepare for the weekend.

6:00pm -8:30pm

Wander through the service area on your own.

Dungannon Rec. Centre Rally HQ

Watch the competitors as they go out on their shakedown runs.  If you are a lucky draw winner, this is your time !!


Tech Inspection with VIP Access

M&M Esso                               See HQ Map in Guide

Show your VIP pass and you will get admitted to the Tech Area



VIP Registration at Rec Centre south side of parking area

Dungannon Rec. Centre Rally HQ

A VIP Parking area is provided, please show your parking pass and follow Marshal's directions.

Meet at 8:10 am or earlier for Departure at 8:29am  Sharp!

The VIP Bus will depart promptly at 8:29 am to our first exclusive viewing location. We must be at our location before the stage is closed.

Dungannon Rec. Centre Rally HQ


Full day on the stages with Lunch. 5 locations.



VIP Tour of  Service Area

Rally H Q


VIP departs for Exclusive VIP  dinner



Exclusive VIP   dinner at Club 580  - 168 Hastings St N.



approximate time VIP Bus departs back to Rally HQ



VIP Bus Departs to a late night stage (Optional)

Rally H Q


Old Detlor Night Stage(Stage C4) (Optional) 

VIP Spectator Location


Bus departs  back to Rally HQ



Podium &  Champagne Spray for National & Regional Competitors

Rally H Q

*Departure times to and from all locations are approximate and will depend on number of competitors and if they are all on time. Entry access and departure from some locations  are  only possible when the stage is not "hot" ( active).


 To complete registration you will need to have the following information available:


Email Address

Phone Number for the weekend.

If you want to be entered in the draw for a ride in a rally car Friday night. (this requires a Friday check-in)

Shirt Size

Any Food Allergies

Planned check-in; Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday Morning

Credit Card or PayPal information


If you have any questions,  please write to us at 

Register Here