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Supplementary Regulations

COMPETITORS - French version of the 2019 Supplementary Regulations will be published in shortly.

Competitors who wish to receive a printed copy of this year's Supp Regs by mail, may request them by sending an email with your mailing address to the Registrar.

The Supp Regs have been posted in Adobe PDF format. To obtain the Adobe PDF Reader to view the Supp Regs, please click the link below:

(LAST UPDATED: 27 Oct 2019 with correction re: oversize trailers in service; and change of Steward)

Document Size Last Updated
2019 Supplementary Regulations - English (PDF) 1.1 MB 2019/10/27
2019 Supplementary Regulations - French (PDF) 1.1 MB 2019/10/27

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